Sea cargo vs Air cargo

Sea cargo service vs. Air cargo service in Dubai

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In the world, the logistics chain is supported by the collaboration of freight companies. There are various forms of cargo services that exist and the major medium is sea and air. Both have their own merits and demerits. This article tries to weigh both freight methods by comparing them.

Dubai cargo service has air cargo service as well as sea cargo service. People tend to choose services according to their requisites and volume of goods. Also, how fast they want their goods for use.

The attributes of cargo services

Expensive and Reliable

Sea freight is less expensive and reliable when compared to air cargo service. Airfreight is the most expensive and it proves to be reliable. Flights are always on time. If any problem arises, there will be other flights to the same destination without much delay.

Capacity and Value

Air cargo has a lower capacity regards freight. They cannot carry out freight in a high quantity as there are storage limits. On the other hand, ocean freight offers more capacity, and that in turn increases the whole value of the consignment. For larger shipments, you can choose ocean freight.

Fast delivery

The fastest delivery of goods is achieved with air freight. Their departure and arrival time make the cargo service reliable. But, choosing ocean freight is a juxtaposition. Why? It takes more time to reach your destination and often opted for durable goods.

Restrictions on goods

Airfreight has certain restrictions for freight. The following items are regarded as hazardous and therefore prohibited:

  • Lamp bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Speakers
  • Chemical medicines
  • Flammable items

Less carbon footprint

Eco-friendly shipping is attained by shipping goods using ocean freight. Sea freight emits lower carbon dioxide than air. It is great to choose ocean freight when you have a voluminous consignment. Less carbon footprint is good for the environment and such a move makes you a responsible human being.

It is your choice to select the type of shipment. The number of factors determines the selection.

  • The volume
  • Durability of goods
  • Faster shipments

You can discuss with your freight forwarder what is your requirement. Weighing your requirements they can suggest a cost-effective and reliable way. High security, reliability, high price, and fast delivery are the perks of air freight. They also offer door to door cargo service for your freight, no matter the type of shipment.