CBM Meaning and CBM Calculator

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Do you want to know what’s the meaning of CBM and how to calculate the CBM? Here we make in detail regarding the CBM meaning and significance of the CBM Calculator. Obviously, CBM is used for calculating a shipment’s cubic meter volume. Well, the CBM calculator helps to find how many goods may fit in a shipping vessel/container. Furthermore, CBM is also an important thing for calculating the following –

  • Chargeable weight
  • Dimensional weight,
  • Calculating freight class, or even for inquiring a freight quote.

CBM Meaning

As we are located in Dubai and if you want to send some Cargo to USA. Whether for domestic and in terms of international freight and to determine the Shipment freight volume, this CBM certainly helps you. CBM measurement is determined by aggregating the width, height, as well as length together of the cargo. Well now the formula is clear I think so. For more – Check below ;

Quantity of items * Width * Length * Height

Once a client approach a cargo company, he or she may not need to concerned about the CBM. Everything will be managed by the Cargo service provider while making a quote. By knowing what’s the requirement of the customer,  each and every calculation will be done so precisely by the same providers. Consider if you are looking for cargo services in Dubai to the USA and the CBM calculation will be rendered with easy paperwork. As per the domestic and international agreements, along with the region where the cargo to move, the quote will be generated.

How to Calculate OCEAN FREIGHT KG to CBM

Do you know how to Calculate OCEAN FREIGHT KG to CBM? In terms of ocean freight pricing, 1 ton, or 1000 kg, is similar to 1 CBM. Well, this really executes it straightforward to determine CBM for LCL shipments. Moreover, here is a real-time chart switching kg to CBM for ocean freightage for reference.

  • 1 kg    = 0.001 CBM
  • 10 kg = 0.01 CBM
  • 50 kg = 0.05 CBM
  • 100 kg = 0.1 CBM
  • 200 kg = 0.2 CBM
  • 500 kg = 0.5 CBM
  • 1000 kg = 1 CBM

How to Calculate AIR CARGO KG to CBM

Do you know how to Calculate Air FREIGHT KG to CBM? Estimating CBM for air cargo is diverse than for ocean freight. However, it maintains a standard formula employed is –

Width (cm) x Length (cm) x height (cm) divided(÷) 6000

= volumetric weight (KG)/1 CBM

≈ 166.6666 KG.

Any estimation for air freight will apply this conversion, therefore it’s meriting noting this rule of thumb:

167 kg = 1 CBM

The volume of unusable space depends on the size as well as shapes of the things being placed, on their packaging, and also it determines on how the goods are stowed. As a matter of fact, as a rule of thumb, the exact capacity within a vessel is typically a scarce over 80% of its highest capacity.